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We are professional trainers, athletes, boutique gyms and enthusiasts hosting group workouts and classes.

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Designed to meet the demands of independent trainers

PTX is all the tools you need to host group classes and outdoor workouts, get bookings (paid and free) communicate with your customers and build a profile as an professional trainer or boutique gym. Your followers are automatically notified about new classes you are hosting.


How it works

A brief overview of the process


Create workouts

Organize workouts on your terms. Where, when and how you want. Attach good pictures, describe your class and set the location, time etc. Your workout will show up in the discovery screen of people in your area. Any followers you have on PTX will get a push notification about your latest workout. Manage all communication and details on the go with our mobile app.

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Get bookings

PTX handles payment processing and makes is super easy for your customers to book your class. All bookings are non-refundable unless you decide to make exceptions. You are the trainer, you decide. PTX takes a 10 % transaction fee, everything else is transferred to your account automatically. 

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Work out

Meet your attendees on set location and send them a message through the app a couple of hours before the class starts, just to set a good tone early on. After the workout is done customers are asked to give you rating and given the opportunity to follow your profile on PTX. We give you all stats about your classes on your dashboard afterwords. We make sure you are in control.



PTX can be used for free workouts all over the world. For classes requiring payments we are currently live in United States, UK, Sweden and Norway. Sign up to be notified first about your country.